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All "funeral providers" must comply with the Rule. Of course, you can offer a discount when there are special circumstances, such as arrangements for a friend or relative or a family that otherwise could not afford your services. Item 3 — Legal Proceedings[ edit ] Here, the company discloses any significant pending lawsuit or other legal proceeding.

You can use any pricing method for the use of a hearse, such as a flat fee, an hourly charge, or a mileage charge. You can add the prices for these special situations to your regular price list or prepare a separate price list for these arrangements.

If the customer provides a casket obtained elsewhere, that same basic services fee must be added to the total cost of the arrangements selected. You need list only those caskets that you usually offer for sale that do not require special ordering, as well as the alternative container s you offer for direct cremation.

If you prepare a separate price list, you need not make it available to anyone except the government agency or persons who qualify for the special arrangements. Alternative containers encase the body and can be made of materials like fiberboard or composition materials with or without an outside covering.

Have you said precisely what you intended? Such containers may include burial vaults, grave boxes, and grave liners. The purpose of writing a report is to communicate results of an investigation or to identify progress made during a specific period of time.

In addition, you must give a GPL to anyone who wishes to modify the funeral goods or services already purchased under a pre-need contract or to a survivor who must pay an additional sum because prices have increased since the time the arrangements were pre-planned.

Support items reported on your tax returns You must keep your business records available at all times for inspection by the IRS. Although a private or nonprofit company may include financial items, the bulk of its report often focuses on items of interest to the general public — its target intended audience -- in a final, goodwill section.

In addition, the Rule prohibits you from: Financials Items in the financial section of an annual report include current stock prices and lookup information, historical financial information — usually a summary of figures over the past 10 years — as well as accounting information such as an income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement.

What Are the Four Financial Statements That Must Be Prepared for a Business Entity?

You can simply tell the consumer which casket is not available when you give the consumer the CPL. These records must support the income, expenses, and credits you report. Green made pre-need arrangements in ; he dies in You can place these items on your General Price List, Casket Price List and Outer Burial Price List, along with your regular offerings; or you can prepare separate price lists for these arrangements.

At the outset arrange the ideas in your mind. The importance of Effective Business Writing Skills has been of concern to many people. You may list a separate price for the basic services of the funeral director and staff, together with a list of the principal services provided for the price and the required disclosures.

In this situation, the first sentence of your disclosure can include the phrase "and overhead" after the word "services," as shown above. You can use any pricing method for the use of a limousine, such as a flat fee, an hourly charge, or a mileage charge.

While administratively dissolved or revoked, a business may do only what is necessary to wind up and liquidate its business and affairs. The Funeral Rule went into effect on April 30, The uniqueness of a word should be known by the writer when he chooses it to convey an idea. You must give enough descriptive information about each casket on the CPL to enable consumers to identify the specific casket or container and understand what they are buying.

You do not have to hand out the General Price List as soon as someone walks into your business.

Complying with the Funeral Rule

Stone a General Price List at the beginning of the discussions and show her a Casket Price List before she looks at any caskets.

Of course, you certainly are free to send a GPL to someone who calls or writes for information if you wish to do so. Even if a member chooses a package available only to society members, the member must have the opportunity to look at your price lists.

When the dissolution filing becomes effective, the business may not carry out any activities except those appropriate to wind up and liquidate its affairs. In addition, if an individual group member inquires in-person about funeral arrangements, you must provide the individual with your price lists.

Does the draft include enough detail to satisfy the intended receiver? Services used to care for and prepare bodies for burial, cremation, or other final disposition; and Services used to arrange, supervise, or conduct the funeral ceremony or final disposition of human remains.

However, you can list a separate charge for sheltering of remains if: Delete the phrase, "Except in certain special cases" from the embalming disclosure if state or local law in the area where you do business does not require embalming for a viewing and funeral.Some of the arguments against having a business partnership: You will have to share the rewards if the business is successful.

but the shareholder recipients must pay taxes on those dividends even though the corporation has paid taxes on its earnings. A corporation has some tax benefits such as deductibility of health insurance premiums as.

The abstract must be useful, independently of the report (no reference to figures or tables). Nothing should be in the abstract that is not in the report and nothing should be omitted from the report because it is in the abstract. The THE FORMAL REPORT Author: Lisa Reiner.

Choosing the Best Ownership Structure for Your Business. The right structure -- corporation, LLC, partnership, or sole proprietorship -- depends on who will own your business and what its activities will be. Even if all of the profits are kept in the business checking account to meet upcoming business expenses, the owners must report their.

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A business report must be quizlet
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