Advantages and disadvantages of doordarshan in hindi

The students brought out a valuable point that school safety is not possible without complete cooperation from everyone i. This concert commenced with a performance by the school choir and a band display.

Reporting cases of Cyber bullying. Should Women be allowed to enlist themselves in the Defence Services? They enjoyed listening to the History of this immortal toon and his journey to fame.

They enlightened the students about the different types of bombs used by terror outfits and gave reasons as to why unclaimed objects need not be touched. While delivering the vote of thanks, she expressed her gratitude to guests from Bombay Scottish Orphanage Society: The children were shown a Presentation that depicted the ways in which one can be an alert citizen.

The products were displayed and the children role played as customers and shopkeepers.

The workshop was conducted by Ms. After a quick breakfast at the venue, the children assembled in the ground. This was followed by a panel discussion where people from different segments of the society parents, grandparents, paediatricians and counsellors expressed their views on the causes of such behaviour in class.

The students admired the historical structures depicting the architectural skills of a period stretching from the 2nd century BC to the 5th century AD. Real life incidents were narrated to create awareness among the youth. The resort had adventure sports such as Burma Bridge ,Tyre swings and Body zorbing.

Problem statements were made and children were probed with questions so as to check their alertness and awareness on certain issues.

By exchanging perspective, students will build an understanding of global issues and local cultures. The presentation started with a depiction of the behaviour of students in class when they do not respect the teachers, each other and the school.

Our next stop over was the wax museumwhere students clicked pictures with wax models of celebrities such as Messi, Amitabh BachchanBeyonce, Prince Willam and Kate, Jackie Chan, Ranbir Kapoor etc.

The debate also helped in sensitizing the students about effective and meaningful use of Visual Media. The students were queued up and given safety instructions and an entry wrist band. A small skit by the students showcased the importance of family and friends over gadgets and technology.

Artificial Intelligence AI is openly discussed in schools and other forums as it has the potential to change the future of mankind. Thorough safety measures were ensured for everyone. A few students then explained the importance and need for school safety by giving examples.

At the end, Sr. The session concluded with the message: The shopkeeper in turn scanned the products and prepared bills for the same. As a part of this program 15 students of Grade 7 from the school under the guidance of the school teachers will communicate with students around the world.

While addressing the parents, she remarked "Should we fear the learning and reasoning of machines or should we welcome it and use it as a tool to magnify our intelligence?

The children greeted each other by saying hello. They were asked to choose five items they would require in case they were deserted. It was a heated discussion which got the audience completely engrossed in the variety of views being presented. Academic stress, parental and depression were highlighted.

Cyber-bullying and its prevention.

The video headed the discussion forward and the students introduced the concept of thinking globally and acting locally. Soon after lunch they visited the Randha falls and the Wilson Dam- the largest earth Dam built by the British depicting engineering excellence.- Report – 11th August – 19th August – Third floor 15th August, – Independence day The event started with flag hoisting and singing the national anthem.

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. English: A to Z / a to z in phonetics and with pictures (recognition only) Numbers: 1 to 20, shapes (triangle, square, circle only recognition) Rhymes.

Advantages and disadvantages of doordarshan in hindi
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