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To increase security further, Flux7 instituted several changes that immediately tightened security controls at this firm: These insights help FT demonstrate to advertisers the value of an ad on FT. In addition, many Atlassian instances were multiple versions behind and needed support for maintenance and upgrades.

With its previous data warehouse, FT used weekly reports on subscription acquisitions and losses, which meant it was making decisions based on data that were already at least a few days out of date. Growth Brings Infrastructure and Architectural Challenges As demand for its services grew, Financial Engines wanted to improve the scalability of its core engine component—the integer programming optimizer IPO.

Already working in AWS, the firm called the AWS experts here at Flux7to help expand upon its infrastructure to address its product challenges. Since the functions are stateless, AWS Lambda can run as many copies of the function as needed in parallel, dynamically allocating compute capacity to match the rate of incoming requests.

The company had embarked upon a new product with a large revenue opportunity. Read more AWS case studies here or subscribe to our blog for ongoing tips, use cases, and analysis. Financial Engines is excited to consider how it might use Lambda and serverless computing to grow its business.

Servicing financial institutionsthis organization already had a diligent security team who was creating AWS policies to ensure its systems met regulatory standards and the strict security policies of its customers. Cloud security is the highest priority for AWS, and the AWS Cloud is built to reflect that by incorporating things like self-healing mechanisms, vulnerability reporting, and privacy safeguards.

Panels are delivered either as files in S3 buckets or as a RedShift cluster account for them to be able to query the data using Tableau on their desktop.

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Separated production to a new AWS account, reducing accidental exposure to production data -- and the potential to inadvertently delete it. For nearly a decade, data growth consistently exceeded forecasts, and the data warehouse required re-platforming approximately every three years.

Increased team and user adoption by providing Atlassian Consulting Services to map out current business processes with Jira and Confluence. This large and complex environment was both a challenge to manage and one that hindered growth.

And, it established AWS Lambda for S3 Polling, allowing batch and real-time enrichment to behave similarly for the financial services organization. The business can spot and analyse opportunities, try solutions, and assess the results in close to real time.

Some of the other benefits include:aws case studies case studies aws case studies financial services.

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AWS Case Study: Balancing Solution Robustness & AWS Security in Financial Services with autoscaling, automation and AWS best practices. CASE STUDY PUBLIC, CLOUD-BASED, MASS WORKLOAD TRANSFORMATION AND Regulations are very tight in the financial industry in general.

While the client was looking to use public cloud to extract the By using the AWS Cloud, the company is also able to be more agile –. Flux7 DevOps consultants present AWS case studies and examples of how we help businesses harden security, improve scalability, speed time to market.

Case Study - S3 Data Lake/SAS scenario on AWS CloudBasic makes vast historical data available for reporting and analytics in an AWS RDS/SQL Server to S3 Data Lake/SAS scenario and reduces TCO CloudBasic Multi-AR for SQL Server and S3 handles historical SCD Type 2 data feeding from RDS SQL Servers to S3 Data Lake/SAS Visual [ ].

AWS Case Study: Financial Times About Financial Times The Financial Times (FT) is one of the world’s leading business news organizations, with a combined paid .

Aws case studies financial
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