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During our visit we noticed numerous empty shelves and had to hunt for items that were out of place; we even found some items haphazardly strewn about that belonged to other departments. A website redesign in drew a roundly negative receptionand more recent reviews at Reseller Ratings also tell a glum story.

That is, customers can buy groceries in addition to housewares, auto and office supplies, cleaning products, jewelry, clothing, and more. Target is remodeling more than stores in to add more fresh groceries, bringing the total number of locations with an expanded food selection to more than 1, Encounters between shoppers and sales staff can make or break a shopping experience.

Walmart vs. Target

Our visit to Kmart, on the other hand, was dispiriting. The produce section is small, although it does feature quite a few organic items.

It follows the marketplace model used by Amazon, which allows third parties to sell through Walmart.

Walmart, Target, Kmart Showdown

Clothing is a big draw for customers of all three stores. Target scored some of its biggest gains in the Bloomberg price comparison in this category, although Walmart retained an edge in food prices overall. While Wal-Mart very early on focused on controlling costs by mastering its supply chain in innovative ways that included sophisticated, pioneering use of product, consumer behavior, and sales performance tracking technology, Kmart was late to recognize that such technology could be useful, and never really bought totally into the concept.

Target specializes in digital pictures, with prices starting at 29 cents for a 4x6. The Walmart pharmacy garners far more complaints at Consumer Affairs than does the service at Target.

Walmart vs. Kmart

Only about two dozen Kmart stores are Super Centers with full grocery departments. At Reseller Ratings one customer who ordered a pair of jeans and a shirt received a pair of Marvel comic swim trunks. Additionally, we evaluated the pharmacy, health, and vision services at each store. Now with three young kids she remains a regular contributor to Cheapism.

Some of the toys were dirty and the shelves were empty of LeapPad 2 Explorers. One toy collector reports that Kmart advertised the hard-to-find Thor and Captain America action figures as in stock and ready to ship, but something else was in the package and a subsequent visit to an online forum found others with similar experiences.

Kmart is well-known for its layaway program, which is available for select in-store and online items. As a consequence, Kmart in the old days — and today — too often stocks higher-margin, but higher-priced and slower-moving goods than either Wal-Mart or its other big rival, Target.

After obtaining five eligible prescriptions, shoppers are rewarded with a 5 percent discount on all Target purchases for a day. We marched into each store with a shopping list of items in the auto, clothing, electronics, furniture, grocery, health and beauty, home goods, office supplies, and toy departments.

As for the shopping experience, we found the Target electronics department to be well stocked, well organized, and teeming with eager and helpful employees.

Select Target stores also have optical centers where customers can get a basic eye exam or contact lens fitting and buy eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contacts.

She also played a key role in developing the Cheapism blog and served as the blog manager for a number of years. I too am a Target junkie. Customers can also return Walmart. Our checkout experience at Kmart was likewise off-putting.

Kmart looked generally unkempt.

Target, Walmart, and Kmart: Who's Cheapest

For the items in our virtual shopping cart a shirt, pants, and shoes for a man, woman, and childWalmart registered the lowest prices, followed by Kmart and lastly by Target.

My wife and I did a comparison of exact products, same brand and size. Super Targets have everything that Walmart has and in many cases the harder to find items for those of us who actually cook.

Target is upping the ante this holiday season, however, by extending its own guarantee to online prices from Nov. They encourage employees to work "off the clock".

Our field research found Target and Walmart to be swarming with helpful employees. Eligible items include toys, electronics, small appliances, and select sporting goods; jewelry qualifies for layaway all year.Walmart vs.

Target By reComparison Contributor 17 Difference between Wal-Mart and Target. Walmart, formerly Wal-Mart prior tois the larger retail company by far.

Target is a chief rival of Walmart and in this.

Walmart vs. Target vs. Kmart Prices

Kmart vs Wal-Mart This analysis of the two business mentioned above will describe the success and failure for the companies. I have included a SWOT analysis of Kmart and Wal-Mart, and it includes a cross-case analysis of the two companies.

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc and Target Corporation Wal Mart and Target Corporation are two US- based giant. The most obvious difference was size: Target store's fresh produce department was a tiny fraction of the size of Walmart's and the assortment was very limited in comparison.

44 rows · Cheapism compared the prices of 30 identical and like items at Walmart. Walmart vs. Kmart By reComparison Contributor 10 Difference between Walmart and K-Mart. Shopping wisely is a priority for a lot of people, the reason perhaps why there is an abundance of chain stores, such as the likes of Walmart and Kmart.

While I think Kmart, Target, and Walmart each have their own strengths, my favorite is Kmart. Wal-Mart: A Study in Supply Chain Approaches lfelix - December 30, - Views There’s no better story for explaining the real value of mastering supply chain management than the story of Kmart vs.

Wal-Mart. Born the same year,and aimed at serving the same cost-conscious classes, Kmart appeared for the first 25 years to .

Compare walmart target kmart
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