Custom paper size for epson stylus pro 3880

However, these last two items are hard to pin down because they depend heavily on the quality of the profiles involved. Since an ImagePrint license is expensive, I suggest trying a demo version of ImagePrint to see if it meets your needs.

When a cartridge runs low in ink, a warning is displayed on the computer screen. Users have the option to print directly through the printer driver or work through software, such as Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

Many Epson users have expressed interest in obtaining cut sheet sizes of 17" x 25". The status checks allow you to see how many printable pages are possible with each of the individual ink cartridges.

Paper handling was generally good, although on two occasions the printer stopped and indicated a feeding problem. Does the Epson have these issues? It is not totally eliminated, but it does not appear to be objectionable.

Blues and purples were nicely rendered, thanks to the Vivid Magenta colours. Its three-level black technology delivers richer blacks, outstanding tonal range and an unprecedented gray balance, all of which ensure outstanding black-and-white prints. The sensors can also detect nozzle clogging and automatically activate the cleaning function to keep all nozzles clear.

Actual ink consumption may vary depending on the images you are printing, the paper type you use, how frequently you run the printer and environmental conditions such as temperature.

The paper must be fed into the rear feed slot with the printable side upwards. The driver also provides a good range of colour adjustments through an easy-to-understand user interface.

Epson claims colour prints will last without fading for up to 75 years while black and white prints should survive up to years without fading under normal display conditions. The final step is to connect the printer to your computer via a USB or Ethernet cable and install the driver software and online user manual from the supplied disk.

Gloss differential is a phenomenon where the amount of light reflected off of the surface of the print seems to vary across the image. Where can I get 17" x 25" sheets of paper?

Epson Stylus Pro 3880 Printer

On the with the K3 inks, bronzing is very well controlled. It can be treated partially by toning down the highlights e.

As of October 1,Epson has announced their plans to release a bit driver for Mac OS X for the new,and printers. The menu also provides a running total of the number of pages you have printed.

Nobody could complain about output quality, which was at least as good as the previous model — and probably as good as thewhich was one of the first printers with the new ink set. Your creative visions can be realized with the Epson Stylus Pro With the Epson Stylus Prouncompromising quality is within reach.

Buy this printer if: Clear instructions are provided in the user manual for loading paper via the front feed slot. You can now pull out the paper catcher extension and start printing.Epson’s Stylus Pro was announced early in September as a replacement for the three-year-old Stylus Pro large format desktop printer (reviewed in December ).

So you are using an Epson, or nearly any other 13″ or 17″ wide sheet-fed Epson printer. If you are having trouble creating a user defined paper size, we will show you how here.

Capable of handling virtually any type of cut-sheet media up to 17 inches wide, the Epson Stylus Pro / incorporates a high-capacity paper feeder that can accommodate sizes from 4x6 up.

Epson, Epson Stylus, and Epson UltraChromeK3 are registered trademarks, and Epson Exceed Your Vision is a registered logomark of Seiko Epson Corporation. UltraSmooth is a registered trademark, PhotoEnhance is a trademark, and Epson Preferred and Epson Store are.

Nov 30,  · The maximum print size on a / is 17" x " using the Epson driver. If you use a RIP there should be no limit on the length. When printing longer than " you may run into issues with paper alignment resulting in skew errors.

View full Epson Stylus Pro specs on CNET. CNET.

Epson 3800: Printer FAQ

Best Products. fine art paper, glossy paper, matte paper, plain paper, semimatte coated fiber paper Epson Stylus Model Pro

Custom paper size for epson stylus pro 3880
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