Dont get me started on buses

To win the attention of a taxi, you are required to stand there for at least 20 minutes, letting the mothers with new-borns and old age pensioners acquire a taxi before yourself, and then finally enter in an epic battle with another tired, beaten individual whose aim is analogous to yours.

So, as you sit there, shivering and now very worried that you might be stuck at the bus stop foreverwaiting for the bus like a child waits for Christmas morning, you start to believe it will never arrive.

When, if by some miracle it does arrive, you drag your frozen limbs on board and pay your fare. More Essay Examples on Bus Rubric Obviously you will be standing there looking straight ahead, looking at the direction it normally comes from, you think it is around the corner.

Then you check when the next bus will normally arrive, then the next thing you see is your bus finally arriving but in pairs. The only time they ever converse with passengers is to ask them for their passes.

Dont get me started on Buses because they are awful

More often than not, you are heartbroken to see that this bus is not the one you need. You are now finally on the bus, hoping that you can sit back and enjoy the scenic views of the journey. This, however, is not possible, because you have to wonder around all the bus to find a clean and hygienic, chewing gum free seat, where you can stand to sit for the short journey.

Dont get me started onbuses

The horrible inescapable stench that consumes the entire vehicle is disgusting; I might as well be in a sewer! And it gets worse at the weekend. I was sat at the bus stop yesterday for around twenty minutes waiting for my bus to arrive, and in that time at least eight buses all going to the same place drove past.

Icicles hang from your now numb ears, and you realise your heart rate has dramatically decreased. Every citizen in every city, town, state and borough all around the world use public transport on a day-to-day basis. As last a rusty old dinosaur they call a bus lumbers into view, and you hope and pray that it has your number on the front.

This is usually how it goes… You rush to the bus stop, puffing like a steam train, only to find yourself waiting for half an hour in the harsh winter cold, as your nose gradually becomes as red as a tomato. If I was in any position of power the first thing I would do is put a ban on chewing gum, bubblegum and any other gum you can think of.

However, there comes time when you have no choice but to take the bus in winter — the last thing you want to be doing in such a cold period. Would you like to drive a car with chewing gum on the seat and a smell of stale food?

don't get me started

Forever I am finding sweet wrappers and empty drinks bottles littering the floors of my local bus. Also the food and drink that they bring on the buses they drop half of it on the floor, which give the buses the smell of rotten old food. More Essay Examples on English language Rubric The only thing that annoys me more than buses is the Neanderthals that drive them.

The state of the vehicles is another thing that winds me up. Meanwhile you still stand there, looking at your watch, it is 8:Just don’t get me started on buses, taxies, trains and planes.

I totally understand that public transport is for us and to meet are individual needs and to make are life’s easier but sometimes public transport is not the best source to travel, trust me on this one! Dont Get Me Started Topics: Public transport, Don’t get me started on buses, taxies, trains or planes.

Please don’t assume that I am some conceited, arrogant person who would never use public transport simply due to the ‘public’ aspect of it. Sep 29,  · Please help me out!:) im doing my GCSE on the traditional "Don't get me started essay", about buses.

here are the main points: buses takes ages to come buses fly off before you even get to sit down buses drive horribly OK so i need some original ideas (similies, exaggeration etc.) to make this good descriptive and funny. help me out?Status: Resolved. Those big yellow buses that pick up your children and whisk them off to those stately buildings of higher education known as schools have returned for another fun-filled Don't Get Me Started.

Dont get me started onbuses. I am lucky enough to have parents who can take me to school in the morning because if I had to take the bus more than once per day, I think I would end up killing someone or myself.

Dont get me started

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Dont get me started on buses
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