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The President is elected every five years and this process is indirect as the Electoral College approves the candidate. The maximum length of the mainland part of the country is kilometers from the north to the south and kilometers from west to east.

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The industry is oriented on machinery, petroleum, mining, cement, transportation equipment, steel, food processing, chemicals and the textile industry 6. There are also a great number of dialects, depending on the Essays india conclusion, or a part of a state in India.

In addition to the part of India situated on the peninsula, it has islands - Sri Lanka, Maldives and Indonesia. This primarily deals with the territorial disputes that India with China, Kargil and especially Pakistan.

India borders with several countries and a desert on its west. The native languages of India are Sanskrit and Tamil. Society and political parties The society is oriented on democracy and that is the reason the country offers a wide range of political parties with different goals and ways of their realization.

It is known as the seventh largest country in the world. The First War of Indian Independence did not succeed, but the beginning of the twentieth century was the start of the greatest struggle for independence India has ever known with Mahatma Gandhi as a head.

Basically, India has a multi-party political system, which is realized through a large amount of regional parties. Its culture and traditions can fairly be called the richest and the most authentic. These events made the nation strive for independence and strongly fight for it.

The Republic of India keeps revealing all its economic, political and cultural potential, which lead the country to the group of the most influential countries on the planet.

The country exports fabrics, clothes, jewelry, and precious stones, agricultural and provision products, cars, medicaments, software, technological services and other products.

Since then India has always lived out a unique way of life that was not influenced by outside factors. Nothing changed till the invasions of the tenth and the twelfth century conducted by different parts of Central Asia.

India, owing to the proper functioning of the government, correct politics and ethnical peculiarities make one of the most interesting nations all over the world.

As for the government it has an immense control over the private sector due to the debates around the privatization process, the foreign trade and over foreign direct investment.

The external trading process is of a vital importance for the country. A party is considered to be a national one in case it is elected by at least four states. The languages of the population of India are mainly within the Indo-Aryan language family and the Dravidian language family. Regional parties are often very small; nevertheless there is a list of national parties of the Republic.

Government As it has been mentioned before the Republic of India has a democratic orientation. India and Pakistan cannot truly find a common language as the territory Pakistan claims is there is an area of high economical interest for India.

In spite of this positive tendency India, being a developing country has an extremely uneven wealth distribution system, where ten percent of the population gains thirty three percent of the whole income of the country.

The country has three main branches that conduct the control over the whole process of government functioning: India has the representatives of many religions: The head of the country is the President, but his power is limited by the Parliament, as he has no real executive power. The waters of the Indian Ocean wash the Republic of India.

Over eighty percent of the population is Hindu, but nevertheless the left twenty percent is 20 million people with diverse religions views.

As the matter of fact the second half of the nineteenth century the majority of the country was under the control of the British Empire 1. It is common knowledge that India is the country with the second biggest population in the world. Rajya Sabha has members being the upper house and Lok Sabha has being the lower house of Parliament.

India is recognized as the second fastest growing economy. It also occupies the fourth position as to the purchasing power parity of the country. The Republic of India is also rather interesting in terms of its geography, government structure, political parties and social stratification.

Political culture One of the Essays india conclusion important aspects required for understanding the contemporary life of the Republic of India is the history of the country."Conclusion About India Of My Dream Essay" Essays and Research Papers Conclusion About India Of My Dream Essay Bottom of Form Slogans on India Of My Dreams Essays and Term Papers Top of Form Bottom of Form Top of Form Bottom of Form My India My Dream the dream of every citizen of a country, to see that the country develops with no negative systems or ideas or beliefs.

Free india papers, essays, and research papers. India's Economic History - Indian civilization traces its early origins back to the Harappan civilization in the 3rd millennium BC, had acquired a definite mould by the early centuries of the Christian era.

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Conclusion; Comments; To conclude with, their are different aspects of the Indian culture. Each aspect is practiced by people but not everyone believes in the different aspects.

As you can see it is a very traditional culture, everyone has their opinion towards it, positive and negative. Therefore the Indian Culture is a very unique culture and. "Problems Of Education In India Conclusion" Essays and Research Papers Problems Of Education In India Conclusion India should stop obsessing about how to become one of the world's great powers and focus on solving its biggest problems to become a great nation, Sundeep Wasleka, the president of Strategic Foresight Group, writes in this month's Forbes India.

Conclusion in one word: Failure 1. It was a move made by government with such a true intention to eradicate black money. What is your conclusion about demonetisation in India? Update Cancel. ad by Zoho. Automate your business with Zoho One. Even if its 1–5%, India has avoided further infusion of Fake currency into the system.


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