Ethnic and linguistic minorities in the

The Turkmen intermingle freely with the Kurds and Arabs, but they have lost none of their ethnic identity in some northern villages.

Hussein had wrongly expected the Iranian Arabs to join the Arab Iraqi forces and win a quick victory for Iraq. Bees also are kept. Under the implacable sun of June, however, the plants soon wither, casting off their seeds onto the dry ground. The great majority of the population speaks Arabic.

There followed even more invasive official practices, such as changing Turkic-sounding geographic names and interference with giving children names other than Persian ones.

Vipers, lizards, and chameleons are common in the desert. In summer the prevailing winds are either northerly or westerly. Plant and animal life Yew, lime, and fir trees grow on the mountain slopes.

Foreign involvement One of the major internal policy challenges during the centuries up until now for most or all Iranian governments has been to find the appropriate and balanced approach to the difficulties and opportunities caused by this diversity, particularly as this ethnic or sectarian divisions have often been readily utilized by foreign powers, notably during the Iran—Iraq War.

The arid desert steppe country is the natural domain of the nomads and seminomads. During the summer the coastal region is subject to westerly winds during the day and easterly ones at night. Population density of Syria. There are numerous minor groups, various tribal Turkic groups QashqaiAfsharetc.

John Bradley is of the opinion that: The area once contained oases that served as caravan towns on the trade route joining Mesopotamia and the Indian Ocean with the countries of the Mediterranean.

In the quest of imposing national homogeneity on the country where half of the population consisted of ethnic minorities, the Pahlavi regime issued in quick succession bans on the use of Azeri on the premises of schools, in theatrical performances, religious ceremonies, and, finally, in the publication of books.

National education, in which all students were required to read and write in Persian and in which Persian culture and civilization were stressed to the almost complete neglect of the contributions of other population segments, was culturally destructive.

Sheep graze until the beginning of summer, when water becomes scarce, after which the shepherds lead their flocks either westward into the cultivated steppe or to the hills. Village dwellings stand close together, and village streets are extremely narrow. Adyghian, a Kabardian Circassian language, is also spoken by a minority of the population see Caucasian languages: The date palm is found in the Euphrates valley.

There is also a very small Jewish population, the remainder of what once had been a flourishing community before being subjected to limitations on travel, employment, and other restrictions imposed by the Syrian government.

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Ethnic minorities in Iran

Many were forced to seek employment in the urban centres, and some did not return to their pastoral lifestyle after the drought was over. Syriac-speaking Assyrians who immigrated to Syria from Iraq as refugees in the s quickly assimilated, owing to intermarriage and migration to the cities.

Glossy-leaved and thorny drought-resistant shrubs such as myrtle, boxwood, turpentine, broom, arbutus, and wild olive abound to the south. English and French are understood, particularly in urban centres and among the educated.

Regional conflict has affected migration patterns in the country. Official documents, correspondence, and texts, as well as text-books, must be in this language and script. After the creation of Israel and the first of the Arab-Israeli warssome 80, Palestinian Arabs found refuge in Syria ina population that is estimated to have since expanded to number more thanLife expectancy in Syria is well above the world average.

It is also fairly high along the banks of the major rivers. The Republic of Poland shall ensure Polish citizens belonging to national or ethnic minorities the freedom to maintain and develop their own language, to maintain customs and traditions, and to develop their own culture.

Heresh in his article on July 7, mentions that the Bush Administration is increasing its secret moves against Iran by supporting ethnic separatist groups in Iran. Between 40, andPolish Jews survived the Holocaust in Poland, and another 50, towere repatriated from the Soviet Union, and 20, to 40, from Germany and other countries.

Urban-rural Remains of the ancient Syrian city of Bostra. According to Tadeusz Swietochowskiin s Reza Shah Pahlavi pursued the official policy of Persianization to assimilate Azerbaijanis and other ethnic minorities in Iran: Conduct suitable work among the Kurds of northern Iran to draw them into the separatist movement to form a national autonomous Kurdish district.

Sheepherder with his flock on the outskirts of a village near Aleppo, Syria. Poland was also a nation of many religions. At the same time approximately 5 million remaining Germans about 8 million had already fled or had been expelled and about 1 million had been killed in were similarly expelled from those territories into the Allied occupation zones.

Commercially important forest plants include sumac, which is used as a spice, wild pistachio, which is important for its oil-rich fruit, laurel, which is used in the production of cosmetics, and mulberry, whose leaves are fed to silkworms.

It is well served by transport facilities and public utilities.of, relating to, or characteristic of members of such a group. belonging to or deriving from the cultural, religious, or linguistic traditions of a people or country: ethnic dances.

(of a human being) displaying characteristics, as in physical appearance, language, or accent, that can cause one to be identified by others as a member of a minority ethnic group: Her new boyfriend looks ethnic to me. Coming to Terms with the Nation: Ethnic Classification in Modern China (Asia: Local Studies / Global Themes) First Edition.

The Official Language and script of Iran, the lingua franca of its people, is Persian. Official documents, correspondence, and texts, as well as text-books, must be in this language and script.

Ethnic minorities in Poland

Study on the Rights of Persons Belonging to Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities/EXiv.2 (Study S.) [Francesco Capotorti] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

This study examines the problem of the juridicial treatment of minorities and suggests a useful course of practical research and action. The book responds to the question: what protection can be offered to. Historical Minorities in the Kingdom of Poland and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Although the concept of an ethnic minority is mostly used with regards to modern period, historically, Poland has been a very multi-ethnic country.

Preamble: The Guidelines represent general principles that are intended to be aspirational in nature and are designed to provide suggestions to psychologists in working with ethnic, linguistic, and culturally diverse populations.

Psychologists educate their clients to the processes of psychological intervention, such as goals and expectations; the scope and, where appropriate, legal limits of.

Ethnic and linguistic minorities in the
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