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While the games will probably still be held in Salt Lake City, local organizers are concerned about the pull-out of sponsors and the possibility that the IRS might begin an investigation. In case of answering multiple choice questions, and in case of doubt, importance to reviewing must be given.

He may grow old in age, but not in spite.

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All healthy people like their dinners, but their dinner is not the main Sample precis writing of their lives. Place your ideas in sentences.

The history of Europe has fired the hearts of our leaders. Underscore with a pencil the important facts containing the essential thoughts.

Besides the great stage actors do not like the inhuman techniques adopted by the cinema. The most serious problem is air pollution, with Delhi ranked fourth among 41 polluted cities monitored worldwide. It is recognised that the only way to get rid of malaria completely is to get rid of the mosquitoes which cause it.

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The following are some of the forest products which are important in the growth and development of industries. In the case of universal truth the present tense should be used. While answering the questions, the answers have to be from what is given in the passage itself as out outside knowledge is not entertained in a comprehension.

Our struggle for freedom has been inspired by the struggles for freedom in England, America and France. An effective precis retains the logic, development, and argument of the original in much shorter form. In the theatre heart responds to heart and mind acts on mind in a way unknown to the cinema.

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It is providential, shelter of the weak and inexperienced, who have to learn as yet to cope with the temptations which lies outside of it. English is rich in literature; its master mind cannot be neglected. Make sure that you retain the precise order of the original points, and combine the sentences into one or more smooth paragraphs.

The individual is what he is and has the significance that he has, not much in virtue of the individuality, but rather as a member of a great human community, which directs his material and spiritual existence from the cradle to grave.

Vehicles are its main source. It will really be a fatal day if we altogether forget Shakespeare, Milton, Keats and Shaw. Such are attributes or offices of home, and like to these, in one or other sense or measure, are the attributes and offices of a college in a university.

A brave soldier prizes honour and victory more than his pay. We notice that whole nature resembles that of the social animals.

Precis writing is an exercise in compression. If there is direct speech in the passage, it should be changed into indirect speech. Money-making is a common attraction in life. Sedentary and studious men are the most apprehensive on this score. Only he who himself leads a life of simplicity, purity and rigid discipline can successfully cultivate these habits in his pupils.

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Nitrogen oxides emitted by vehicles are respiratory irritants that cause breathing problems, while sulphur dioxide and suspended particulate matter SPM damage lung function. Precis Summary Teaching is the noblest profession.

What is a Precis? But it cannot be the principal aim of well-educated, intellectual brave persons. SPM also affects larynx, brain, liver, kidneys and the stomach, increasing lead pollution from industries and automobiles can cause cancer.

If our leaders were ignorant of English and if they had not studied this language, how could they have been inspired by these heroic struggles for freedom in other lands? A good clergyman is more interested in the moral welfare of his people than his returns.A critical précis is a clear, concise, and logical summary of a passage preserving its essential ideas only.

Before writing a précis, make sure you clearly understand its peculiarities and specification. Writing the Precis As serious academic writers, you will have to read and remember large amounts of prose (and poetry) along with scientific and social-studies articles as.

Before writing your précis, make sure you have a glance over the original to make sure you have not missed anything. Finally, a wise policy would be a count the words of your precis and put them down in a bracket at the end.

The word précis is derived from French that means summary and précis writing means the art of summarizing. Précis writing is one of the most useful skills you can acquire for your work both as a student and as a professional.

A precis is a summary. Precis writing is an exercise in compression. A precis is the gist of a passage expressed in as few words as possible. A precis should give all essential points so that anyone reading it will be able to understand the idea expressed in the original passage.

Sir, this is my 1st attempt at writing a precis. I would be very helpful if you could highlight areas for improvement and also post a sample precis for the passage. I also invite fellow readers to post their precis for the passage.

Sample precis writing
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