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In the first test of his game, William wakes up and finds himself trapped in a large, vise-like contraption with a breathing mask on his face.

Thereby, he manages to pull his head out of the trap, but is heavily injured in the process as the trap tears his right cheek apart. To make the decision Saw Saw ch6 more difficult, Addy is mentioned to have a family history of diabetes while Allen has no friends, wife, or kids.

Each of them wears Saw ch6 helmet with screws aiming at their temples. Trapped in the first one is his sister, Pamela Jenkinswhile Tara and Brent Abbott are in the other one. Meanwhile, William reaches the final room of his test just before the timer expires and finds himself between two cages.

In the next part of his game, William must pick up the ends of two chains, which are connected to two small platforms.

The sixth movie solves several mysteries and unanswered questions from the previous installments and brings closure to most of the ongoing story lines. Hoffman, however, uses the trap to smash his hand and frees himself from his restraints.

Following this reveal, Hoffman accepts to work together with them from then on.

Eventually, he saves Emily and Shelby and then goes on to find an exit before his time runs out. As she already knew at this time that Hoffman would save her, it is implied that this warning was an act of revenge by Amanda against him after she read his blackmailing letter.

As a different knife had been used, the agents suspect that the voice on the instruction tapes of their respective traps might be that of somebody else as well. As he reads the letter, Jill reenters the room and subdues him with an electric shock.

However, William can only save two Saw ch6 them, while the other four inevitably have to die. When the agents and Hoffman drive to the lab, shortly before the voice on the tape is restored, Erickson and Perez, who seemingly began to distrust Hoffman, put him under pressure.

These envelopes contain information about the victims of the next game, which is planned to begin later that night. A video tape informs them that they have 60 seconds to cut off their own flesh and throw it on a scale.

Tara and Brent were the widow and son of Harold Abbottwho died due to a heart disease after William had denied the coverage of his treatment costs, which could have saved his life.

A TV turns on outside their cage, Saw ch6 a recording of John Kramer. Hoffman demands to be in control of the game alone and leaves the clinic with the envelopes.

Contents [ show ] Plot Simone and Eddietwo predatory lenders, wake up in a room. Both of them have a noose made of barbed wire around their neck. This game takes place at the abandoned Rowan Zoological Institute and focuses on William Eastonan executive of the Umbrella Health insurance company.

Afterwards, a big amount of hydrofluoric acid is injected in his body, causing him to die slowly and agonizingly before the eyes of his sister and the Abbott family. As he wakes up, she reveals that there had been a sixth envelope in the box, which contained a photo of him. In the boiler room of the zoo, William encounters his third test.Saw VI Information Directed by Kevin Greutert Produced by Mark Burg Oren Koules Written by Patrick Melton Marcus Dunstan Starring Tobin Bell Costas Mandylor Betsy Russell Mark Rolston Peter Outerbridge Shawnee Smith Athena Karkanis Samantha Lemole Caroline Cave George Newbern Darius McCrary Directed by: Kevin Greutert.

Oct 26,  · Saw 3D: The Final Chapter () Horror | Mystery Even though people rarely admit it, the 'Saw' series has been one of the highest quality horror series ever made.

'Jigsaw' is the eighth entry in the series and there is still yet to be a bad film made amongst them. Some are undoubtedly better than others, but I defy you to point me /10(K).

Saw VI is a not just another Saw film, its the best since the first, and even though the first is still by far the best, this one was almost just as great. Jim Careter.

Super Reviewer%(72). Oct 22,  · Watch video · "Saw" was never a franchise that was designed to last. The first film made a point of killing off every main character save one who was already dying of an inoperable brain tumor. But, when a movie grosses times its budget filmmakers tend to find untapped wells of ingenuity.6/10(K).

But my boyfriend (we started dating after the series was completed) convinced me to watch Saw: The Final Chapter, and just skip 6. I did it for him, just waiting for the ending to arrive so I could be pissed off again. Watch Saw 6 Online Full Free. saw 6 full movie with English subtitle.

Stars: Costas Mandylor, Tobin Bell, Mark Rolston.

Saw ch6
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