Soccer club embezzlement case

Volunteers, as they are at many clubs across the US, formed the backbone of the organization, bringing with them a barrage of new challenges. This way, Bharadwaja says, the organization has three layers of oversight built into its financial structure.

However, this may be as much a consequence of oversight and responsibility as it is of a lack of awareness. According to Pedneault, the forensic auditor, clubs should start by talking to board members about finances.

Few clubs illustrate the perils of this growth as well as Fullerton Rangers. Fullerton Rangers took a different route. Because eight out of nine [stories] never hit the press.

While those dollar figures might sound fantastically large, they are not uncommon. The original version said it occurred in Hanover, New Hampshire. Similarly, only a handful of youth soccer clubs have the funds to hire a CFO, an accountant, and an attorney to resolve a fiscal crisis.

Additionally, Laura Zellerbach pled guilty to stealing team funds in February rather than February Unfortunately, there are just dishonest people out there. Some organizations, they posit, cover up smaller misappropriations to protect their reputations.

As Steve Pedneault, a forensic auditor and adjunct professor at the University of Connecticut, puts it: What becomes of them? Most clubs, though, are not as fortunate as Rangers to have a volunteer club president like Bharadwaja who has a background in both business and law enforcement he left the world of business to become an Los Angeles police officer in It seems to be across the board now.

The statistics are startling. Share via Email Youth soccer clubs are an important resource for developing young players in the US.

Yet despite its budget and its size, the Rangers organization was still organized much like it had been for most of its year history.Two former officers of a Waukesha County youth soccer club appeared in court Monday on charges of embezzling more than $80, from the organization.

Barbara E. Olson, 42, of Burlington was the. Soccer club embezzlement case. Topics: Fraud, Internal control, Management Pages: 9 ( words) Published: October 7, If we were Harry Stevens, I would use my exper7se as a CPA and help LOSC to develop and implement [email protected] internal control.

Jul 10,  · A goalie for the Tri-Boro Youth Soccer Club in eastern Pennsylvania during a game in May.

'They're stealing from children': US youth soccer's embezzlement scourge

Investigators say embezzlement cases in youth sports have become common, as was the case when a Tri-Boro. The District Attorney’s office is investigating the former treasurer of the Fullerton Rangers youth soccer club for possibly embezzling more.

2 soccer moms charged with embezzling $80,000 from club

Swingler, the Hanover Soccer Club president, said the alleged embezzlement has not affected the club's spring season. "We literally had $3, in the bank when the (allegations) came out in late. 'They're stealing from children': US youth soccer's embezzlement scourge details of the Rangers’ case, he did share the steps the club took to .

Soccer club embezzlement case
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