Statistics project for class 10th

Instead, consider the list a tool for generating ideas. Your presentations factor in to the grade. If you are using techniques that we did not cover in class, you should definitely explain the techniques.

Maths Project on Statistics

Be ready to explain why you believe these methods are justified. Plus, you get answers to issues that pique your intellectual curiosity. Is there a correlation between female empowerment and AIDS prevalence in nations across the world? Include tables or graphs that support your analyses be judicious here--too many tables and graphs hurts the clarity of your message.

After one of these meetings, any group member who does not contribute after promising to do so will be dropped from the group. You also need to be realistic in planning your research design: Did you tackle a challenging, interesting question goodor did you just collect descriptive statistics bad?

Describe the analyses you did. Subjects of a petition who fail to attend the arranged meeting will be dropped from the group. After this date, groups will not be split up. You can work with people in different lab sections than yours.

Present relevant descriptive statistics e. Are members of certain subpopulations e. What could be done to improve the study if it was done again? Then, people wander around looking at the posters and talking to the presenters, thereby learning about the various projects.

You choose the question; you decide how to collect data; you do the analyses. Most importantly, talk to your instructor and TAs for advice.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths Chapter 14 – Statistics

Do certain subpopulations get mammograms more frequently than others? Some suggestions for scoring high on these criteria, and suggestions you should keep in mind whenever you write anything, are the following: State your question up front, and use statistics to help answer it.

Graders will be looking for the following characteristics: You may want to have your classmates examine the poster for clarity. Include any questions you asked.

Describe the questions you address and any key issues surrounding the questions. Be selective with computer output to help clarity.

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Make every effort to get a random sample, and try to keep track of the characteristics of nonrespondents. What is more important to Duke students when choosing a major: The project proposal is not graded. Completed project due date: Do the results of federal elections have an effect on stock prices?

What are your plans for obtaining background information if needed about your project? The poster is handed in and graded. Otherwise, you wind up being hard-pressed to come up with something challenging and interesting.

The more detailed your proposal, the better feedback you get! If you are using techniques we learned in class, you do not have to re-explain the techniques. Did you use statistical techniques wisely to address your question? You should get started on the project as early as possible, particularly in thinking about procuring data and collecting background information.

Report on the possible biases associated with your data collection. Describe the data that you plan on using or collecting, including the variables measured. You should think of questions that interest you first, then worry about how to collect and analyze data to address those questions.

Larger or smaller groups must be granted special permission from the instructor.Wikipedia:WikiProject Statistics Jump to {WikiProject Statistics}} project banner; Category-Class Statistics articles.

See Category:WikiProject Statistics for a list of administrative categories in this project.

You can add your username to Category. STATISTICS Introduction Everyday we come across a lot of information in the form of facts, numerical figures, tables, graphs, etc. These are provided by newspapers, televisions, magazines and Activity 1: Divide the students of your class into four groups.

Allot each group the work of collecting one of the following kinds of data: (i. Small Student Projects in an Introductory Statistics Course Robert L. Wardrop Department of Statistics University of Wisconsin-Madison July 3, class along with other knowledge the student might have and combine these in a creative way.

The willing The following project was motivated by the experiences of its author and many of his. These NCERT Solutions for Class 10 of Maths subject includes detailed answers of all the questions in Chapter 14 –Statisticsprovided in NCERT Book which is prescribed for class 10 in schools.

Resource: National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) Solutions Class: 10th Class Subject: Maths Chapter: Chapter 14 – Statistics. Class X Chapter 14 – Statistics Maths Page 12 of 49 Therefore, mean concentration of SO2 in the air is ppm.

Question 8: A class teacher has the following absentee record of 40 students of a class for the whole term. Find the mean number of days a student was absent.

Number of. Statistics Probability and Statistical Inference. Instructions for Data Analysis Project. You've learned lots about doing statistical analyses.

Statistics project for class 10th
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