The reasons for the horror boom in cinema deals since the 1930s

Due to the use of special effects, the budget of film production increased and consequently launched the names of many actors into overblown stardom. August Learn how and when to remove this template message Also, the number of movies being produced annually dropped as the average budget soared, marking a major change in strategy for the industry.

These fantastical and supernatural elements also offered some much-needed escapism to audiences tiring of their Great Depression reality: The Edison Studios were located in the Bronx. Families struck with poverty would rather choose to give up an icebox or a bed before they would part with their radios.

Filmed on a lavish scale, this is one of the most impressive period pictures and contains fine performances by all and several brilliantly executed segments.

The Best Horror Movies of All Time

The Golden Age of Hollywood was over. The combination of fantasy, terror and pathos was never bettered and likely will never be. Large-scale sets could be recycled from one production to another, and there were teams of experts available in every department, most notably makeup, headed by Jack Pierce.

The radios symbolized lifelines to the outside world. Providing more than a simple distraction from the horrors of life during the Depression era, these movies reflect the hopes, dreams, and fears of Americans during this most difficult time.

Unforgettably disturbing, with Laughton as the most chilling of all classic mad doctors, seeming to have no empathy for the pain and terror he has created, foreshadowing in a way, the measures taken by later real-life mad doctors like Josef Mengele.

Universal, United, and Columbia Pictures were also considered noteworthy, despite not owning their own theaters, while Disney, Monogram, and Republic were considered third-tier.

Cinema of the United States

Picture CityFlorida was also a planned site for a movie picture production center in the s, but due to the Okeechobee hurricanethe idea collapsed and Picture City returned to its original name of Hobe Sound.

With landmark effects that would inspire generations of filmmakers and a sense of imagination that would inspire even more, King Kong is an American legend. They were also an escape of the harsh realities of daily life.

While there, the company decided to explore new territories, traveling several miles north to Hollywood, a little village that was friendly and enjoyed the movie company filming there.

Horror, then as now, represented the best escapism available for those precious few cents it took to buy a ticket. In he experienced Black Sundaythe worst dust storm of the decade resulting in a " Dust Bowl " that killed crops and devastated farms in Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Many of the great names in horror would come from this era, notably from Universal Studios, who made a name for themselves with horror pictures.

Musicals starring the elegant dance team of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers were also favorites. Lugosi is the closest thing to a hero, likely to be found in this thriller, and he is superb, delivering one of his finest screen portrayals.

Not only were people fascinated by the movies themselves, they wanted to know all about the glamorous lives of the actors who starred in them. Alternately, the film is both a compassionate portrayal of regular circus people and a commentary on how people are all the same.

Key Horror Movies of the s. The creepiest moments include the main character Julian West, who financed the film staring into his casket, witnessing his own funeral, the strange, ghostly shadows created by the vampyr and the fate of one character, buried alive in flour.

As screen storytelling moved away from symbolism towards realism, the dreamlike wraiths of silent cinema were replaced by monsters that grunted, groaned and howled. Decline of the studio system late s [ edit ] Percentage of the US population that went to the cinema on average, weekly, — Walt Disney introduces each of the seven dwarfs in a scene from the original Snow White theatrical trailer.

This was also despite the initial struggle that many of the major players — such as director Tod Browning — had to adapt to the new medium. Griffith then filmed the first movie ever shot in Hollywood, In Old Californiaa Biograph melodrama about California in the 19th century, when it belonged to Mexico.

Only the werewolf would really have to wait for definitive treatment with The Wolf Manas The Werewolf of London would do little to propel the myth of the lycanthrope forward.

To save money, more and more films started to launch production in overseas locations. Many theater actors had no previous experience in cinema. Post-Code horror movies like The Werewolf Of London tended to be guarded, conventional affairs, with none of the inventiveness or arch humor of their predecessors.

However, he did demonstrate a certain gift for picking intellectual property and assigning talent to productions.

The Great Depression Changes America Forever

Griffith stayed there for months and made several films before returning to New York.'The Power of the Cinema': Film in the s and s The rise of "talkies" from the late s onwards led to a radical shake-up of the entertainment industry.

More information about archives relating to the history of film and the cinema is included in our online subject guide. They argue that, since the First World War, "film has.

Perhaps, one of the most important reasons behind both the increase in the number of horror movies made in the US and the overall increase of horror. Here are a few examples of ways you can filter the charts: The Worst Horror Movies of the s; The Top 10 Horror Movies of the s; The Top 20 Horror Movies of the s.

A new era in film history began in this decade with the introduction of sound into film, creating new genres such as action, musicals, documentaries, social statement films, comedies, westerns, and horror movies. Horror Movies s cinema horror horror movies 15 Reasons The s Were The Best Decade In Horror Cinema This list of reasons why horror flicks of the s were better than anything since ultimately is just one man’s opinion –.

By most accounts The Great Depression began in with the crash of the stock market and lasted until the the beginning of World War II. It defined a generation of Americans in which every family felt its effects in one way or another, and all sought a way to deal with it and get some form of relief.

The reasons for the horror boom in cinema deals since the 1930s
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