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By the turn of the century many voices emerged in hope to see reforms of their backward nation. The czar was not happy with this demonstration so his soldiers fired on the demonstrators, killing and wounding hundreds of them.

In an industrial slump caused thousands of workers to lose their jobs. Nicholas 2nd was greatly out of touch with his people, and only received censored reports from the ministers he personally appointed. There was hardly enough land in Thematic essay on russian revolution to the amount of peasants and mouths to feed, resulting in widespread famine.

The peasantry of Russia from had seen little real change in their living and working conditions, allowing continuous discontent due to their economic hardships and a harsh unsympathizing leader.

The decisive defeats of the poorly organized Russian army against the Germans at Tannenberh and the Masurian lakes killed, wounded or took prisoner 8 million soldiers by The parliament system did not work out the way they were hoping to turn out. The government charged incredibly heavy taxes on grain and other produce, as well as every day items such as wheat and alcohol.

Like most other revolutionary parties, they believed in the overthrow of the Tsarist regime and its replacement with a democratic, representative government. Petersburg led by the Orthodox priest, Father Gapon ended in a bloody massacre. However, his oppression only fueled the fire of revolutionary minds and hearts, who despite superficial concessions by the Tsar in strived to see a permanent transformation of their great yet backward nation.

The wealthy were so out of touch with the majority of Russian society that they did not at first take seriously the signs of revolution around them; the many emerging political parties, the growing amount of strikes and assassinations, and the increasing incidences of violence in the countryside.

Thematic essay

The working class of the relatively new industrial centers went through waves of discontent from to the offset of the revolution.

Despite freedom from serfdom and the availability of government loans to buy land inthey were in reality still enslaved by the wealthy landowners to whom they were indebted. Afterworkers wages rose little, especially in comparison to inflation. The disappointed Russians formed three political organizations.

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Desertions began to be commonplace, the incompetent and ineffective officers allowed men to perish without ammunition or weapons, in the freezing cold without adequate weather protection. In reality, the uneducated masses of peasants would most probably have support a revolution which would allow them to own their own land without debts and fair taxes.

However it was the middle class which fostered the intelligentsia who were the minds that fueled the revolution. The goal of the march was to ask for a democratic elected assembly and a basic reform.

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Feb 23,  · Okay, so i have to answer the question "To what extent did the bolshevik revolution represent the will of the Russian people " Any sources that are useful?

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Global History Thematic Essay Review Of those twenty-four, only twelve have ever been used for a thematic essay on the Global History and Geography Regents exam, and only seven have been repeated more than once. This. Russian Revolution? ethnic disputes in the Balkans and Africa.

The Russian Revolution of 1917

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Thematic essay on russian revolution
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