Unrest in kashmir essay

Tasks involved ensuring schools opened and were secure. Kashmir has acceded to, not merged with, the Union of India with certain conditions spelt out under Articleand India has totally failed to comply with those conditions.

Many were injured in the clashes that broke out, with police and protesters blaming each other. It is time for India to frankly tell these angry youth what is the maximum they can expect. This unfinished and finished discourse of partition led to several wars between India and Pakistan over Kashmir which claimed Unrest in kashmir essay lives of tens of thousands of people, wounded and displaced several thousands more and the economic costs too have been devastating.

Clashes continued in south Kashmir areas as people tried to march to Anantnag town in response to the separatist called protest march on July Even though both parties campaigned against each other, they joined together to form a coalition government, with Mufti Mohammad Sayeed becoming the chief minister.

Pakistan has tried its best to politicize the problem and win international support for its point of view. His constant presence on social media made him a household name. If I agree with one, the second will be angry, the third will impale me on the sword and the fourth and fifth strangle me.

Even with the best will in the world, of course, a problem may, for reasons both theoretical and practical, simply be incapable of resolution. Both India and Pakistan have played their foreign policies by using the Kashmir card in different forums. If they do not, at least both the country India and the Kashmiri youth will be better placed to know their future course of action.

All shades of opinion or all parties to the dispute must get seriously engaged in the search for a final settlement. Children seen going to their tuitions during curfew in Srinagar.

Several others performed funeral in absentia in south, central and north Kashmir. Capitalists, tyrants, oppressors, and friends, all want me to become their accomplice, With whom should I agree, whom should I disagree with? One editor also asked the government to "own the ban" and issue a statement guaranteeing that the media would not be hampered.

The first generation had faith in the leader-ship, the second generation was in search of new leaders and the third generation does not want to be led by any leader. One of them died on 9 July when a mob attacked and pushed his mobile bunker into the waters of Jhelum river.

Kashmir Solidarity Day

While Pakistan continues to demand Kashmir, India declares that the only problem is that the aggressor should be asked to vacate. But violence still continues, life in the state is still insecure and thousands have migrated from the valley into Jammu, Delhi and other parts of the country.

The target was a Brigade headquarters. It has been designated as a terrorist organization. They said that, in view of the curfew, movement of newspaper staff and the distribution of newspapers would not be possible "for a few days".Analysis With Focus On The Kashmir Conflict.

Print Reference this. Disclaimer: We come to the present scenario of civil unrest in Kashmir. Both sides of the disputed line of control, the Indian side of Jammu and Kashmir and the Azad Kashmir of Pakistan continue to have conflicts.

Take a look at what our essay writing service can do for. Essay on Social Unrest - 'All we lack is the will- the will to see that the greatest threat is not change, but our continued resistance to it.'; These words, expressed by the late, Senator Edward Kennedy, display perfectly how our society is reluctant to change when a change is needed.

The Kashmir Problem – Essay. Article shared by. The so-called Kashmir problem came into being almost with the independence of the country. Through 50 years have passed, the problem still remain unsolved.

Kashmir on the boil: a timeline

Kashmir still remains the most important source of friction between India and Pakistan. Kashmir Solidarity Day (Urdu: یوم یکجہتی کشمیر ‬ ‎) or Kashmir Day, is a national holiday in Pakistan and also observed by Kashmiri nationalists on 5 February each year.

It is in observance of Pakistan’s support of and unity with the people of Indian-administered Kashmir, the nationalists' efforts to separate from India, and Date: 5 February. Essay on Unrest in Kashmir - Kashmir has been an immense issue since This downfall came along side with the partition of India-Pakistan.

Both countries have been fighting for this territory and yet the feud still continues. We are still in the midst of deciding whether it belongs to the Indians or Pakistanis.

The Introduction To The Kashmir Conflict History Essay. Print Reference this.

Kashmir Unrest 2016: A Story of Agony and Animosity

Disclaimer: (a controversial Act passed solely for this purpose), clamping unrest in the form of curfews, house to house searches and indiscriminate interrogation of the natives. Kashmir is also of prime significance as it is the boiling point for the.

Unrest in kashmir essay
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