Watching tv has an adverse effect

Children are much more vulnerable to the messages TV is sending, and so they need to be taught from an early age how to protect themselves from them.

In either case, the child spends more time with TV than he or she spends talking to parents, playing with peers, attending school, or reading books.

I disagree with my worthy friend in saying that we are giving the children a healthy environment of entertainment, knowledge, learning and freethinking. Studies have shown Watching tv has an adverse effect decreasing the amount of TV kids watched led to less weight gain and lower body mass index BMI.

The more television a child watches, even in the first years of life, the more likely he is to be obese and less muscularly fit, according to a study by the University of Montreal.

It forms early impressions on what it sees, and these early impressions determine how he sees the world and affect his grown-up behavior. According to Speech and language expert Dr. Many violent acts are caused by the "good guys," whom kids are taught to admire.

Older kids can be frightened by violent images too.

The Harmful Effects of Watching Too Much Television

They result in leaving a sound effect on the young minds. And these ads are often meant to make us think that these products will make us happier somehow.

Reduce your risk of dying from cancer Reduce your risk of cancer recurrence Boost energy and minimize the side effects of conventional cancer treatment According to BBC News: It widens the faculties of understanding, fellow feelings and mutual love and cooperation.

Prolonged TV viewing and incorrect viewing practices like sitting too close to the television or keeping the TV room poorly illuminated, may pose certain health hazards like impairing eye sight. My knowledgeable friend has submitted that TV viewing is harmful for children.

Children -- and adults -- remain immobile while viewing the TV. Television is a major source of entertainment for kids. People in the house are usually tuned in to TV — siblings as well as parents. Kids often snack on junk food while watching TV. The Obesity Link Health experts have long linked too much screen time to obesity — a significant health problem today.

These benefits were applicable to all age groups and both sexes, and to those with cardiovascular disease risks. It is in this context that sports enthuse in them team spirit, a sense of fellow-feeling and mutual cooperation. Television wastes your time Life is short, but we choose to spend it watching television.

The lead researcher Dr Augusto Cesar de Moraes, from the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, warned that the condition can cause cardiovascular problems later in life. Also, they are not running, jumping, or doing activities that burn calories and increase metabolism.

But I am asking you, is this living? Television creates an environment that assaults and overwhelms the child.

The Good and Bad Effects of TV on Children

Babies and toddlers up to 18 months old: Teach kids to be smart consumers. You can opt out at any time. A previous study by Harvard Medical School researchers found that breast cancer patients who exercise moderately for three to five hours a week cut their odds of dying from cancer by about half, compared to sedentary patients.

The majority of television programs are just trash. But exercise may also be imperative in the treatment of serious diseases such as cancer. In fact, the longer you watch, the easier your brain slips into a receptive, passive mode, meaning that messages are streamed into your brain without any participation from you.In modern-day society, television has become a big part of our everyday life, with most families possessing at least two TV sets.

Inevitably, today’s children — even those of two years or under — spend many hours every day doing nothing other than sitting and watching TV, unaware of how negatively it is influencing them.

Watching tv has an adverse effect on children and should be restricted will you accept this view.

Positive and Negative Effects of Television (TV) on Children

Share with your friends. 8 When students are watching television excessively, they are less likely to be spending time doing homework or reading, participating in after school activities, or being engaged in other intellectually stimulating.

The Effects of Watching TV essaysWatching television is one of the most popular pastimes in the world. Almost all children do so; some even take the liberty of slipping out of bed unnoticed at night just to watch a show that they like.

However, what most people do not realize is that television can.

How Media Use Affects Your Child

Watching TV is something which virtually everyone does. But did you know that TV can actually be harmful to you? Television viewing can, for example, increase your risk of premature death, reduce your level of intelligence, completely obliterate your ability to concentrate, physically impair the growing child brain, and increase your risk of.

The Harmful Effects of Watching Television

Watching TV also has a major impact on your brain chemistry. In fact, the longer you watch, the easier your brain slips into a receptive, passive mode, meaning that messages are streamed into your brain without any participation from you.

The Negative Effects of Watching Television on Children

The bad news is, the majority of experts think that a TV/video-driven culture has bad effects on kids – and may prevent kids from being smart. They cite the following: TV provides no educational benefits for a child under age 2.

Watching tv has an adverse effect
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