Writing a press release for your book

I certainly appreciate this site. What solution will readers find? Headlines should be bold, brief and eye-catching. PR By The Book: This paragraph will sometimes begin with the city and state where the press release originates. Here is a free sample press release template which you can use to announce the launch of a new book.

Lead the press release audience to your book obliquely. The press release for your book needs to work as a cohesive whole. I agree that a few examples would have enhanced the article but unfortunately I did have a word limit to adhere to.

However, a well-timed press release on the picture put this little book of…. Click here to open our recommended press release distributor in a new window.

Write it like a reporter would write it. But not the one you immediately think of…sneaky sneaky. It is also customary to include your city next to the date. If readers love it they will share it, so you need to get it in front of them and remove all obstacles to purchasing like free giveaways.

Make it easy for anyone interested in your work to find you, contact you and promote you. The best call to actions are clear, direct, and urgent. This is your chance to include a few interesting snippets about yourself, touching on your passions and inspirations.

Talking Points and Visual Media Niles also gives the following advice about ways to make your press release stand out: While the general rule is to keep a news release to one page, if it does go onto a second page, use -more- on the bottom of the first page.

Your site is very useful. Before each release, Tashima has tried a number of different pre-publication marketing strategies. If you are sending the release in an email, you can include the contact information at the bottom.

3 Ways Writing a Press Release Can Help Your Book Get Noticed

It should be easily understandable without being too dry and generic. The first paragraph The first paragraph should sum up your story in about words. Through this one event, Keith Harrell went from virtual obscurity to fame overnight.

You will describe the book in more detail and give a brief but more comprehensive summary of what happens as the protagonist reacts to the life-changing event.

When emailing a press release, you need to keep it simple by having the headline in the subject line and the rest of the release in the body of the email. Date and city Remember to date the news release at the start so the journalist can see how old or new the story is.

But the one thing that has been the most successful for him is sending out press releases. The third one from Microsoft is an excellent example of how to write a press release that will intrigue reporters and editors. You can use the next body paragraph of the book launch press release to expand upon the "why" aspect of the news angle why your book is timely or relevant, or why people should care about its launchor you can use this area to simply provide further details.A press release is an effective way to capture the attention of the media and other organizations that may have a particular interest in your book IF you give news outlet, well, news.

Of course, you are proud of your accomplishment. Press releases are a simple way to get your brand, your product — or in this case, your book — out into the world. A press release is a piece of public relations content that announces something newsworthy about a person, corporation or product.

Writing a press release for your book combines a number of crucial skills you'll need to promote your book for the life of its publication. Visualize your press release with a breakdown of each component of the release, a sample release, and exclusive tips from an expert who works in a publishing house.

Jun 09,  · To write a press release, start with a catchy and concise headline that lets readers know what the press release is about. Then, write a brief sentence paragraph that sums up the main point of the press release%(59).

Write A Better Press Release – 50 Ways to Reach Your Readers #14

If you have a very specific book aimed at a very specific, organized group (“Gardening for Vietnam vets with PTSD”) then a Press Release might get the attention of people who are on the lookout for specific terms, and they may share your news.

Jun 13,  · To summarize, here’s what everyone needs to know about writing a press release: Write a short, catchy headline. Get to the .

Writing a press release for your book
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